Formerly Evergreen, Zip is a San Francisco-based B2B online service that provides the leading intake-to-procure solution for enterprise companies. CōLab worked with the Zip team to build the brand from the ground up: from naming, and brand identity, to systems design. We called the design concept “Weave-in.” We were inspired by the Zip solution, which is like an intelligent fiber that can weave into different systems. It can seamlessly integrate into the procurement process for all company sizes. Based on this, we created the logo which is composed of weave-in stripes. We used different grayscales to convey Zip’s confident, bold, and straightforward attributes. "Approval" is one of the key elements of Zip's business. So we included green as the supporting brand color to bring the approval messaging.

Studio: CōLab

Naming, Positioning, Brand identity system, Website design, Design guideline


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